Dealing with COVID-19 Blog Series

Robert Ford, an e-learning expert with more than 30 years of experience in education, discusses key practices for educators to follow during the Learn From Home model required during the COVID-19 pandemic response. Full article available here!

Robert Ford discusses how to ensure your communications with students and parents remain effective and professional when switching to an online environment. Read more here!

Robert Ford discusses online teaching options for new teaching graduates looking to find work online during the current crisis. Full article available here!

General Intro for PD Module Series

The following Professional Development Videos have been provided by Ontario Virtual School.

Hello and welcome to our online module series on supporting leadership development and ongoing professional learning in the online medium. This series is designed to provide you, as leaders in an online learning environment, with the tools and key practices that will further enhance the effectiveness of your leadership in this non-traditional, ever-changing setting.

The present series will consist of three modules, addressing the following topics, as they pertain to the online learning environment:
1. Leadership in an Online Environment
2. Developing a Culture of Trust
3. Building Positive Relationships with Students, Parents and Guardians

This multi-part series is intended to stimulate your own professional development through active reflection and engagement. The reflective opportunities offered within these modules have been specifically designed to allow you to address what must be done to refine your leadership practice to optimize the teaching and learning processes for success in an online environment.


Introduction to Leadership Development in an Online Learning Environment

Module 1: Leadership in an Online Environment

Module 2: Developing a Culture of Trust

Module 3: Building Positive Relationships with Students, Parents and Guardians